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International Freight! 

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Welcome to ASL International!


We specialize in imports and exports of containers and consolidated cargo.

We stand out as leaders in maritime transportation; Our global network of connections puts us at the top, offering personalized and efficient solutions that transform the process of each shipment.

We manage each shipment with precision and dedication, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

At ASL Internacional your cargo will always arrive at its destination safely and on time.


Contact us today and discover how we make international freight an exceptional experience for your business.

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Import from China to Guatemala!

At ASL International, we understand that importing from China can be a challenge, but we are here to make it simple. We are your reliable partner in international transportation, specialized in the connection between China and  Guatemala.

Our Featured Services:

International Transport Maritime (FCL) Full Container:

Trust us to take your goods from factories in China to your door in Guatemala. Our maritime container transportation service guarantees safe and efficient delivery

International Transportation (LCL) Cargo Consolidation:

We have an extensive network of warehouses in China, we can consolidate your cargo effectively, optimizing costs and shipping times.

Supplier Verification:

Don't worry about the reliability of your suppliers in China. We are here to help you confirm the authenticity and trustworthiness of your trading partners.

Comprehensive Support in the Import Process:

From planning to delivery, we are with you every step of the import process. Our team takes care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Experience 

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During the last 10 years, our team has had the honor of working with leading companies in their sector, a very enriching experience that allowed us to acquire great knowledge in handling a diversity of shipments.


Our success has depended to a long extent on the efficiency and automation of processes, quickly learning the logistics process of each company and providing a totally customized service.


Our service is not just about Imports or Exports, it is actually a much more complex task that requires careful planning, coordination of multiple parties, and an ability to quickly adapt to changes in market demand.


Although logistics can be a challenging job, it is also very rewarding. The satisfaction of seeing a shipment arrive at its final destination, in the best conditions and at the right time, is a unique feeling. We are proud to be part of this global growth, constantly striving to offer the best possible service to each of our customers.

Last News


GT and US Customs coordinate actions to encourage safe trade

With the purpose of promoting trade in a safer and more effective way, the Superintendent of Tax Administration (SAT), Marco Livio Díaz Reyes, and the Customs Intendant Werner Ovalle are part of the monitoring the cooperation and coordination that both customs administrations have developed to facilitate trade, strengthen controls and the strengthening of safe trade.


With these actions, the SAT is heading towards the strategic objectives of the PEl 2021-2025, as established in the SAFE Regulatory Framework of the World Customs Organization, in the "Customs-Customs" relationship pillar, which seeks to guarantee the safety of the merchandise.


Trade between Guatemala and El Salvador will be streamlined

The Ministry of Economy (Mineco) reported that as of August 24, the Advance Declaration (DUCA-F) would be used at the border crossing between Pedro de Alvarado and La Hachadura, for the trade of goods originating between Guatemala and El Salvador.  


On the other hand, with an agreement between the sanitary and phytosanitary authorities of the three countries that make up the Northern Triangle, in the short term, it is intended that 25 national plant products may have free circulation in the familiar customs territory.  In addition, the aim is for the Valle Nuevo and Las Chinamas border posts, between Guatemala and El Salvador, to become one and for this purpose, the design of customs operations is coordinated through financial analysis, furniture IT, and infrastructure. 


Giammattei: Guatemala government negotiates the go-out from APM Terminals to be acquired by EPQ

President Alejandro Giammattei affirmed that he is negotiating with APM the purchase of the container terminal in the Pacific and that it will be paid with funds from the Empresa Portuaria Quetzal (EPQ) and with a bank loan. He disclosed the information on Thursday, September 22, during his participation in the Investors Summit, held in New York City to promote the country as an investment destination. When mentioning the port infrastructure, he expressed that they foresee that in 2023 the Port of Quetzal will be in all of Central America and Latin America, excluding Panama. Nevertheless; A legal matter of APM Terminals was mentioned, a private company that needs to solve a problem that gave rise to that anomalous transaction, an act of corruption and that is why they decided to negotiate outside the process that has been carried out in the country's courts and tribunals.

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